About Abhainn Dearg Distillery

 Whisky from field to bottleAbhainn Dearg is the most Westerly of the Scottish distilleries and can be found in Uig, on the west coast of the Hebridean Isle of Lewis, the Outer Hebrides. Abhainn Dearg, (pronounced Aveen Jarræk) or Red River Distillery is a very new distillery in an ancient landscape.

The spirit we produce today might be new to the market, but the philosophy and history of our distilling go back hundreds of years.  At Abhainn Dearg that age-old experience has been garnered for the knowledge of distilling fine whisky never left our shores,  it’s just taken till now to re-claim our heritage and produce a true Outer Hebridean Whisky for the rest of the world to enjoy.

In 2010, for the first time in almost 170 years Abhainn Dearg New Spirit, The Spirit of Lewis, left our shores.  In 2011 we launched a limited edition of three-year-old single malt.  This was the first legal single malt produced not only by Abhainn Dearg Distillery from the Outer Hebrides but in all the years since the Shoeburn Distillery was closed around 1844!

Abhainn Dearg Single Malt was launched at the Royal National Mod also known affectionately as the “Whisky Olympics”. This festival of Scottish Gaelic song, arts and culture was held in Stornoway in 2011 and for the first time in recent history, some participants were able to enjoy a Single Malt distilled and bottled on the Isle of Lewis.


Mark Tayburn the founder of Abhainn Dearg was determined to produce a whisky that was unique to Lewis and to be able to have it available for the 2011 MOD. It seemed ridiculous that the Outer Hebrides couldn’t supply its own whisky, which is as much cultural heritage as the MOD and as a tradition is much older.

No matter how old Abhainn Dearg whisky matures there will always be limited bottlings, the aim is to produce a quality Single Malt for those who take the trouble to visit us, support us via the Internet and, like the Shoeburn Distillery before us, supply local demand.

We have succeeded in passing the ten year milestone and now you have the opportunity to taste our unique single malt and become part of our history.

Mark Tayburn sitting on a cask on a beach in winter laughing