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 Abhainn Dearg Distillery

The first single malt whisky from a distillery in the Outer Hebrides since 1829.

Abhainn Dearg Distillery (pronounced Aveen Jarræk), or Red River in English, is a craft distillery located in Uig on the Outer Hebridean Isle of Lewis.  The distillery was founded by Mark Tayburn (Marko) and was the first legal whisky distillery in the Outer Hebrides in almost two hundred years.

Established in 2008 the first spirit to leave the island was in 2010 when two small casks of new spirit were sold.  One went to Germany where it toured the whisky fairs with importers Alba Import. The second stayed a little closer to home, going to McSorleys Bar in Glasgow.  Later a special signed bottling of the new spirit called, The Spirit of Lewis, was offered and was quickly sold out.

The first Abhainn Dearg Single Malt was released in 2011, a three year old special release.  Available online, bottles soon were winging their way around the world and the feedback was wonderful.

We have now passed the ten year milestone since the distillery was founded and Marko has achieved his goal to produce a whisky, from the fields (of barley) at Goathill Farm, Melbost,  to bottle, within the Outer Hebrides.  It has also made history and changed the whisky world forever.

Come and have a look around our website and read our story, it’s inspirational for those who are up for a challenge.

Abhainn Dearg X Single Malt

Abhainn Dearg X Single Malt

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